Sunday, June 17, 2012

A few Colorado pics

So I have way more to put up but I'm still trying to get them off Tyler's phone and onto the computer.  Tyler was getting annoyed with how many pictures I took.  So here's just a few until I figure out how to get them off.

This is Caleb and the flower girl, Abi, during the rehearsal.  They were both so adorable!  And they did a great job.

This is Caleb and Abi during the wedding.  They carried a sign down the walkway before the bride came out.  If you can't read it, the sign says ' Here Comes the Bride"

I definitely have more pics to put up, more of the wedding and of Colorado in general.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

More from Caleb

Posting this from Tyler's phone so if it looks funny I'll fix it later. Funny conversation with Caleb this morning. If you don't know, we're currently in the process of potty training. It's a struggle to say the least. This was this morning.
Me: You know who goes poop on the potty?
Caleb: Big boys!
Me: Uh huh. Elmo poops on the potty. Mickey poops on the potty. (These are books we have.) You know who doesn't poop on the potty?
Caleb: Ummm...Grandma!
I laughed so hard I couldn't be serious anymore.
Score one for Caleb.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


For those that don't know...I'm now Krista of the short hair.  Cut last week.

Thanks Cami!


Cuteness in the land of Caleb....
(This was while I was getting his pajama's on last night, if context is needed.)
Caleb: Don't wanna go to bed. Wanna lay in daddy's bed.
Me: Well what did daddy say?
Caleb: Daddy says 'No more monkeys jumpin on the bed!'

 2 in a row. Don't get used to it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ahh it's been 8 months!

So for some reason I thought that I had a lot more posts than I do. I must've decided to get rid of all the old posts. There wasn't many anyway I'm sure. Not very dedicated to writing. Not going to promise that I will get better. But I'll try.

So currently working on the grad school thing. Figuring out grad school is tough. Don't know if I actually want to be a school counselor. IUPUI only offers school counseling. To do Mental Health, have to finish at Bloomington. That's a far drive. Could transfer to Ball State maybe? Always an option. I seem to like switching schools. A little drive but not as bad. Do I want to counsel? I want to do something.
 I've mostly discovered I want to do something that isn't working at disability. Everything irritates me at work. My leadworker or supervisor tells me to do something and i get irritated. The rational part of me says they're doing their jobs. The irritated part of me who wants to quit wants to say bite me. Finding another job that would give me the benefits and the hours that I get now would be tough.
 I want instant masters degree. That's not going to happen. So if anyone actually reads this...and can tell me they have an awesome job for me...yay.

Krista has lots of busy-ness right now!
Melissa came to visit for the weekend and that was lots of fun. We planted the backyard garden. We played lots of games! We took Caleb to the park. We went to the farmers market on Saturday morning. It was good times.
This weekend is Memorial day, going to spend the weekend with Tyler's family so he can see his grandpa.
Next weekend is David's birthday (happy birthday David!) so the plan is to see David for his birthday. Haven't been to see him in Ohio yet and he's been there since...fallish 2008? I think. That's a long time. I think I was living in Rhode Island still when he moved out there.
After that is Colorado! I'm excited since I've never been to Colorado. It'll be fun to be in the mountains. Even though it's a very short trip. And Caleb will be in a tux for Tyler's cousin's wedding. There will be lots of pictures, I will make sure!

We went to look at puppies today. I really want to get one. We found a cute yorkie named Lucy. Hopefully soon!

Friday, September 16, 2011

School and life and stuff

Short post. Getting back into the swing of fall semester. This semester is going to kill me. My research class is very work intensive. My professor jumps all over the the time I'm finished taking notes on one things, he's moved on to something else. In the three hour class last night, I'm pretty sure all I got was that correlation is not causation. Hopefully there wasn't much else we were supposed to get. Ethics seems like it's going to be a lot of work, but it's doable. I've had Dr. Thompson before, so at least I know the groove.

Grad school is turning me into my senior year self. Instead of doing anything school related like I should be, what am I doing? Watching Gilmore girls! I'm on my...2nd...3rd episode of the day? I'm addicted. And going strong.

I made bread this week! First time ever. It turned out pretty yummy. I took some over to dinner with Liz and the Sister's on Tuesday, and it went over well. I'm feeling very home-makerish (is that a word?) lately. I'm going to go back to the farmers market on Saturday and get some tomatoes (mine are done) and have a salsa making fest.

I've also been working lots of overtime. They're taking overtime away at the end of the month, so I'm working lots and lots now. Hopefully at some point they'll give back the overtime again, but it'll be good to not work overtime for awhile.

Caleb is getting super big. We're on the hunt for bigger clothes, his pants are all too small. He needs to stop growing!

Monday, September 05, 2011


It's been over a week...but not a year! (Which is great for me.) Anyway, things going on!

So I went to the resource fair! And I ended up talking to this very cool sounding company that works with people with developmental disabilities (which sounds like what I did during my undergrad) and I interviewed with them...and they offered me the job on the spot!...and I had to turn it down. Sadly, the job would've taken me down to half my my income, and I couldn't take it.

Fall semester is fully underway. My classes appear to be very worky this semester. Crazier than the last two classes! My research class has assignments due pretty much every week. Every week! Second week of class we had a paper due. It wasn't even graded and I was still freaking out, because I didn't know what I wasn't supposed to write...and we had to cram A LOT into one page. And my group for my other class seems very much into having things done ahead of time. I really dislike group projects. Why do classes insist on them? 3 out of 4 grad classes have had group projects.

We also went camping. It was, well, campy. It was fun for the three days we were gone, and it was great seeing my parents and brothers and grandparents. There was a very chatty couple that came on Saturday and was staying at the campsite next to us. They were MSU fans, so go green! It was also great when we got to come back, and have beds...and electricity...and not smell like smoke. When we were there, I didn't realize that we smelled like smoke, but then when I was doing the laundry after we got home...we definitely smelled like smoke!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Caleb absolutely loved the water pump!

We took Caleb fishing. My parents bought him a fishing pole. He didn't really figure out how to cast, but he got the hang of reeling it in pretty fast! We didn't give him a hook, he had a casting plug at the end.

Mom and Caleb

That's all for now. Busy week ahead, hopefully I'll remember to post again soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I can't jam

It's been a crazy week already! And it's only Tuesday!
I made jam last week...and it didn't turn into jam. So I have 4 pints of blackberry... syrup. Tyler will eat it anyway, because he loves blackberry! It makes pretty yummy pastry filling at least.

I went out visiting teaching today. I love visiting teaching! I feel like I learn my than I teach when I go out. It's pretty awesome.

Tomorrow is the resource fair at school. I'm going to go see what's available as far as mental health. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to go get a new job or anything, but I want to see what's available, especially since I'll have to do my practicum soon., actually doing counseling! It'll be good though. I'm excited.

School started on Monday. I had my ethics teacher for my summer class so at least I already know her. *And I'm hoping she'll write me a letter of recommendation soon.*
Thursday is my research class. I hate statistics. Liz has to take statistics in January, so I know we'll be suffering (sort of) together!

3 days until the camping trip! I'm excited. My mom got Caleb a fishing pole. It's Spider man! I think Tyler will have fun teaching Caleb how to fish. I will have fun watching.

I have more pictures to share, but I'm feeling to lazy to find my camera. Next time.